"Berke’s performance was a dazzling showcase of her singing, writing, and playing talents, a testament to the passion and efforts she poured into her debut. The crowd was the fortunate recipient of her debut full release, THIS BRIGHT BEFORE  and Portland is fortunate to be graced by the talents of Nicole Berke."

-  Pat Herrara, Snap Twig

NEXT performance

FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2017, 7:00 PM EST 

Nicole Berke and Julia Mark 
From Quirky to Soulful 

$12 in advance.  $16 at the door


“Nicole Berke blew us away! Her talent and gumption for playing music made an impression on the council and the students at the show. Her soulful voice and playing of the piano with her honest lyrics struck the right chord with us and we hope to bring her back. She was brilliant.”  

– Anna Rader, University of Wyoming 

"jones to simone"

 "Nicole Berke started off the night strong, with her soulful songs about love and otherwise. Her fantastic piano work complemented her sassy voice quite well, while her tight band backed her up solidly. The sounds ranged from Norah Jones, to some jazzy Nina Simone at times. She's definitely a singer to watch as she continues to spread her talent throughout the Northwest."  

– Abe, BePortland 

"blew us  Away" 

Nicole Berke